Curriculum & Specialist Areas

Curriculum & Specialist Areas

Brabham Primary School

The Western Australian Curriculum

Encompasses ACARA's Australian curriculum English, Mathematics and Science. In addition, year-level syllabuses for Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Technologies, The Arts and Languages remain broadly consistent with the Australian curriculum but have been contextualised to make them more suitable for Western Australian students and teachers.

Belonging, Being and Becoming - The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children's learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.

Science & Technology

Our Science and Technology program will reflect the needs and interests of a contemporary community, one that is quickly evolving through rapid advances in science and technology. This brings new and exciting teaching and learning opportunities. We will work in partnership with the community to develop and deliver innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. Through these programs we aim to equip our students with the skills necessary to utilise a range of technologies to enhance student learning; whilst fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Performing Arts

Our performing arts department has been established to provide our students with a wide range of quality experiences in performing arts, including music, dance, drama, singing and much more. Together they provide opportunities for students to learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their imagined and conceptual ideas, emotions, observations and experiences, as they discover and interpret the world.

The performing arts entertain, inform, challenge, and encourage responses, and enrich our knowledge of self, communities, world cultures and histories. It will contribute to the development of confident and creative individuals, nurturing and challenging active and informed citizens. Learning in the Arts is based on cognitive, affective and sensory/kinaesthetic response to arts practices as students revisit increasingly complex content, skills and processes with developing confidence and sophistication through the years of schooling.

Students will have the chance to showcase their talents and share their creative expression in a range of ways.

Physical Education

Integral to our Physical Education program will develop the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities in various contexts and settings. Students will learn about how the body moves; how to approach and resolve challenges; how to optimise movement performance; and the benefits of physical activity to themselves, others and communities. Through movement in a variety of contexts and settings, students acquire, practise, manage and refine personal, interpersonal, social and cognitive skills.

Languages - AUSLAN

Learning Languages enables all students to communicate proficiently in a language other than English by providing students with essential communication skills in that language, an intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication. Aligned with the proposed one school model approach for Brabham Primary School, learning AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) will provide a more inclusive environment for students who are deaf. Learning AUSLAN develops neural pathways and cognitive processes unique to using a visual language