Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Brabham Primary School

High performing learning communities consistently use evidence based, high impact teaching and learning practices that centre on the reflective use of data and differentiation to support all students. Ongoing assessment will be an important part of our school’s pedagogy, and is used to provide feedback to students at the point of error, measure student progress, and for planning next steps in learning.

Our school is committed to developing a school-wide, professional team of highly capable teachers and support staff. Through comprehensive and quality professional learning programs we instil a culture of collective responsibility for student learning and success. Our merit selected, experienced educators will be committed to continuous self-improvement and building their leadership skills both within and beyond the classroom.

Diverse Learners

There are 6 principles of assessment at Brabham Primary School:

  1. Assessment is an integral part of Teaching and Learning
  2. Assessment should be educative
  3. Assessment should be fair
  4. Assessments should be designed to meet their specific purposes
  5. Assessment should lead to informative reporting
  6. Assessment should lead to school-wide evaluation processes