Teaching and learning Brabham Primary School

Teaching and Learning

Brabham Primary School

Diverse Learners

Every student has individual and diverse learning needs. We recognise that children learn at varying rates and in different ways, so learning will be planned, implemented and evaluated to best cater for individual needs. English as Additional Language (EAL/D) learners and students with special needs are catered for, and encouraged to actively engage in school life. A collaborative team approach will ensure targeted intervention and support to enable every child to achieve their personal best.

Foundations for Learning

We know that in order for students to be successful they need well developed literacy and numeracy skills. Through a comprehensive approach, our programs will ensure that every child acquires the core skills, knowledge and attitudes required to become confident and competent learners.

Contemporary Approaches to Curriculum - Future Ready Citizens

Our dedicated staff will provide a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of the Western Australian Curriculum. Enriched curricular and extra-curricular programs aim to provide opportunities for students and staff to engage actively with networks of schools and the local community. Our students are provided with opportunities to participate meaningfully in all learning areas including: Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Physical Education and a Languages program.

Our new school will reflect the needs and interests of a contemporary community, one that is quickly evolving through rapid advances in technology. This brings new and exciting teaching and learning opportunities. We will work in partnership with the community to develop and deliver innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. Through these programs we aim to equip our students with the skills necessary to utilise a range of technologies to enhance student learning; whilst fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning - Quality Educators

High performing learning communities consistently use evidence based teaching and learning practices that centre on the reflective use of data and differentiation to support all students. Ongoing assessment will be an important part of our school’s pedagogy, and is used to provide feedback to students at the point of error, measure student progress, and for planning next steps in learning.

Our school is committed to developing a school-wide, professional team of highly capable teachers and support staff. Through comprehensive and quality professional learning programs we instil a culture of collective responsibility for student learning and success. Our merit selected, experienced educators will be committed to continuous self-improvement and building their leadership skills both within and beyond the classroom.

A Culturally Responsive Learning Community

Educators pride themselves on promoting a culturally inclusive curriculum that reflects the cultural, linguistic (language), and religious diversity of our school community.

Effective relationships and partnerships promote positive outcomes for students and is central to everything we do. We care for all, and promote a strong commitment to continually developing a culture that responds to the needs of students, staff, parents and carers.

Educators receive ongoing training and support to ensure a continued focus on culturally responsive practices. Everyone shares a commitment to working in partnership with families and community groups. A broad range of communication strategies are used to ensure that all members of our school community have input and ownership into the future directions of our school.

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