School Story Brabham Primary School

School Story

Located within the City of Swan, Brabham is part of the fast-growing Urban Growth Corridor. This corridor stretches 8kms from Ellenbrook in the north to Caversham in the south and is surrounded by Whiteman Park and the Swan Valley. The school is built on Noongar Whadjuk lands. The Swan Valley, including the Swan River is important to the Aboriginal people, both spiritually and as a place to hunt and meet.

The suburb of Brabham is named after Sir Jack Brabham, who began his early racing career on the Caversham Motor Racing Circuit. Sir Jack Brabham was named Australian of the Year in 1966, and he was knighted for his services to motor sport in 1979. Our school uniform colours: maroon, silver and charcoal were chosen by our community as they represent the colours of one of Sir Jack Brabham’s racing cars.

Our school logo design was informed by input from families and community members and refined by our steering committee. Our logo is a source of pride as it contains elements that reflect the values of the wider community. The people represent the importance of community and the trees reflect the importance of caring for our surrounding natural environment.  The book symbolizes the sharing of knowledge. The spine of the book is viewed by some as a road, symbolic of Brabham’s racing history and by others as the Swan River. While the dots represent the rich and varied cultures that exist within our diverse community.