Principals message

Principal's Message

Brabham Primary School

Welcome to your brand new school in the developing suburb of Brabham. This is an exciting opportunity for us all to work together, to develop the school’s very own special sense of place. I share a vision for our school, that is more than just a place to learn; it will be a welcoming and well-maintained education hub, that plays a central role in the local community.

Through the recruitment of passionate and engaged educators who value personal excellence, and respect diversity, we will promote a positive and supportive school culture. Educators who are committed to working as part of a dynamic team, to engage and develop resilient, creative and responsible students who care for one another. Collectively, we will foster a dynamic and inclusive learning community that caters for the future needs of 21st Century learners.

As the foundation principal I am honored to be given the opportunity to work in partnership with the community, to establish a shared vision for the school’s future. Valuing parents as partners in their child’s education, I look forward to working together to support a community of learners; where students, families and staff are all actively encouraged to share a lifelong passion for learning.

We want every student to enjoy a positive experience at our school, to achieve the best possible educational outcomes, and to leave school with the confidence to make a worthwhile contribution to the community. Whether you are already a member of the school community, a prospective member or simply interested in finding out more about the school, we welcome the opportunity to share our evolving vision for the school.

Anika Blackmore