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Policies & Parent Information Booklet

Welcome to Brabham Primary School

It is an honour to have your child and family join our new, inclusive learning community. We invite you on a shared educational journey, where we value working in partnership with parents to create opportunities that are reflective of the needs of our students and wider community.

Our students are at the centre of everything that we do. At Brabham PS our team of skilled and engaged educators work together to promote and provide a diverse range of learning opportunities aimed at developing the whole child, with a focus on the academic, social, physical and emotional development of EVERY child.

Our school is one that fosters a sense of belonging for everyone. We celebrate and welcome members from all cultures and foster a positive and supportive learning environment through high expectations of student learning and behaviour.

This handbook was developed to provide easy access to relevant information to support families as they transition into our new school environment. We welcome any feedback that could enhance this process to ensure that this is a positive experience for students and their families.

Anika Blackmore
Founding Principal


The school will implement the Wet Weather Policy when it is raining, very cold or if there has been significant recent wet weather that make areas in use unsafe. The decision to cancel activities or events due to weather will be at the discretion of the Principal or a person she nominates, often one of the Deputy Principals. 


OSH Club

Before and After School Care at Brabham Primary School

Our compelling programs empower your child to explore, navigate, experiment and engage in a diverse range of experiences before school and after school. We focus on building knowledge, skills and behaviours that help prepare your child for a world yet to be imagined…

You can be confident that your child is in safe hands with our experienced and passionate educators. Whether your child attends OSHClub daily or only occasionally, each visit is an exciting new adventure with nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea, awesome clubs, activities, mindfulness and so much more.

Enrolling with OSHClub is easy and completely free. Head to our website oshclub.com.au to find out more or to book in today.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family at Brabham OSHClub.

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