Operating During COVID Restrictions

Operating During COVID Restrictions

Brabham Primary School

Dear Parents

We are taking direction from the Department of Education who provide schools with guidelines based on the latest advice from the Department of Health. We have revised our normal operating procedures to ensure we work together to realise our goal - to ensure every child has a safe and positive start to their education at Brabham PS.

covid restrictions have been significantly eased in Perth and Peel as planned from 12.01am Saturday 8 May 2021. However, some restrictions remain in place until 12.01am Saturday 15 May 2021.

Schools remain open for all and students and staff are no longer required to wear a mask.

Parents are allowed on school sites; provided they:

·        practice 1.5 metres between adults physical distancing, where practicable.

·         follow good hand and respiratory hygiene practices.


         Please download the SafeWA app onto your phone for a smoother transition into the school.

Based on advice from the Department of Health, we have revised our operating procedures  to ensure that we do everything we can to keep our students, staff and families safe. Every decision we make will be with the best interests and the safety of your children in mind and we are here to work with you through this.

Parents, please be mindful of the social distancing guidelines and limit your time in the classroom. Due to the four metre squared physical distancing restrictions teachers will be unable to offer activities for parents and students to do together in Kindy and PP classes.  We ask that parents do not enter the classroom if there are ten or more adults in the one space, this includes staff.

We appreciate your full support in following the attached guidelines as we work together to promote a safe and healthy environment for all.

If you require support during this time please contact the school.

Brabham Primary School


  • Additional cleaning staff have been employed to enable our team to implement additional COVID cleaning requirements;
  • All staff and visitors will wear masks (visitors are required to sign in);
  • Existing hygiene measures will be strictly adhered to including increased hand washing to enter classes, after breaks, before eating and the provision of hand sanitiser in all classrooms;
  • Students must have their own water bottle to fill from drinking fountains. No mouth contact to fountains permitted;
  •  Playground equipment will be cleaned at start of day, after recess and at end of school day


Keep your child home if:

They are unwell, including a sore throat, cough, fever or headache

You or a family member has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19

Should your child be unwell and/or have a high temperature, please keep them at home.