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Brabham Primary School supports that effective communication is the key to success in building positive home school community relationships.

Here is a brief outline of communication at Brabham Primary School:

  School Staff Parents and Caregivers
Phone Used by staff to contact parents or caregivers in an emergency, as a result of sickness or injury and when important information needs to be communicated about your child, their wellbeing and academic progress. Used by parents to notify the school about changes in contacts or circumstances, request an appointment (please be aware that teachers are unlikely to respond during instructional time) or communicate an urgent message to their child.
SMS Used by staff to send out reminders and to notify parents of unexplained absences. Used by parents to notify the school of a student absence.
Website Updated comprehensive information and documents relevant for current and prospective parents. This includes policies, enrolment forms, booklists, newsletters, annual reports and upcoming events. First place for parents to gather general school information, event updates and relevant documents/forms. If you are unable to locate what you need, please call the school directly.
Seesaw Used by class teachers to communicate with parents and promote student learning. Students can use this platform to create and record work in an e-journal. Parents can message teachers directly with non-urgent information or questions. If it is urgent, phone the school directly. Parents can expect a response within four working days.
Newsletter Used to promote general school initiative, events and celebrate student success. A notification will be sent to parents informing them a newsletter is available on our website. A document that can keep with community up to date with past and present events, and school/class initiatives.
Facebook Used by the school to promote events, programs and initiatives, and will often redirect people back to our website. The Facebook page will be monitored infrequently, so please contact the school directly if you have an urgent matter. Parents can view, like and comment on upcoming and past event pages, programs and initiatives. The Facebook page will be monitored infrequently, so please phone the school directly. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted from the page.
Email School staff may email community members when appropriate. Parents can email the school email ( with general enquiries, such as enrolments.