Cultural Inclusion & EALD

Cultural Inclusion & EALD

Brabham Primary School

At Brabham Primary School we pride ourselves on promoting a culturally inclusive curriculum that reflects the cultural, linguistic (language), and religious diversity of our school community. Educators receive ongoing training and support to ensure a continued focus on culturally responsive practices. Everyone shares a commitment to working in partnership with families and community groups. A broad range of communication strategies are used to ensure that all members of our school community have input and ownership into the future directions of our school.


Opportunities are available for students to identify as Australian and explore cultures and beliefs that may be different from their own.

At the whole school level, culturally inclusive practice has a focus on:

  • inter-group relations among students
  • relationships between the school, parents and community
  • communication and consultative decision making strategies
  • representative student voice and leadership
  • acceptance of diversity as normal and comfortable.

Interpreting and translation services are available to support communication between schools and families.